For over 20 years iCOS has been developing software for the transport and related industries. We developed modules to manage job functions in International freight forwarding, warehousing and road transport.These modules became part of the ” Integrated Cargo Operating System” iCOS.The company was founded by Chris Grace and Kathy Ross in 1989; Chris sadly passed away in 2003 and Kathy carried on with the team staying focused in the New Zealand transport sector where Chris left off.What became very clear to Kathy was the number of transport companies in the country. Many were husband and wife teams that had started out with one truck and perhaps had got to 5,10,20, trucks but still weren’t in a position to implement a freight management software package .Those that did invest in server-based systems found the software was more a hindrance than a help. This was because they didn’t have the resources to put into the software or the software they purchased was too complicated either to install or to use.Something else Kathy noted with these small-to-mid-sized businesses was that they had two things in common:

  1. They were all busy working in the business they didn’t have time to work on it
  2. They weren’t aware of lost dockets causing revenue leakage

In 2009 Kathy was having a quiet meditate on things when she had an ‘ah ha‘ moment;

“Why don’t we redesign our software into a “internet cargo operating system” so its LIVE?”

  • Re-develop in Web technology, so transport operators don’t have large outlays on file servers, or have to employ IT personnel.
  • Make it affordable by providing an ongoing service at a low rental rate so you don’t have to outlay large sums of cash flow up front.
  • Enable your customers, suppliers, operations and administration people to have free access 24/7 from anywhere in the world via the internet
  • There are no ongoing charges or user licence fees.
  • Give them a tool so they can do the job right from the beginning.
  • Make implementation really simple.
  • Become the leading edge in communications with the latest paperless technologies.
  • Enable proof of delivery and proof of service so they can be rated and compete with the big boys.
  • Enable them to streamline their businesses so they can grow.

iCOS LIVE – Online transport management made easy was born and is continuing to be enhanced. Making it smarter and smarter for users – saving them time and double handling, while increasing efficiencies and eliminating errors. In short, taking the hassle out of their day.


A word from managing director, Kathy Ross