What is iCOS?

What is iCOS and what are the benefits and features of this internet based software that makes transport management so easy?

EDI Booking – Business 2 BusinesspartnersHandShake

  • Intelligent and adaptable
  • Can accept different file formats
  • Quick to implement
  • Multiple transmission methods accepted
  • Multiple EDI processing facilities exist for backup and assurance

The benefits to you are:

  • Automated job booking
  • Eliminates double keying and data error and saves time
  • Jobs are automatically rated so your customers can see at a glance what it’s going to cost them

Your customers can book online slide10d

  • Instant access via username and password
  • Job capture, tracking and auto-rating
  • Ability to create pickup request manifests
  • Print PDF consignment notes and labels
  • Real-time track and trace online, including pin pointing via longitude and latitude, signature capture and signee names, date and time stamp on visual map display

The benefits to you are:

  • Lock your customers into you
  • System auto-allocates docket number sequence, preventing revenue leakage
  • Takes the phone load off your staff
  • Eliminates docket book, printing costs
  • Paperless end-to-end solution for 100% visibility for your customers
  • Remove double handling to reduce time spent and accidental duplication

Visual PlannerVisual Planner

Allocating your tasks (consignments and manifests) onto your assets has just got easier with the introduction of our new Visual Planner

  • Preplan your jobs in the “Planner View” and then dispatch them at a touch of a button
  • Drag and drop unallocated tasks to your assets
  • View consignments directly from planner
  • Task progess indication when integrated with GPS providers
  • View days, weeks or months at a time
  • Fast, smooth and easy to use



  • Advanced Dispatch Display speeds up work flow eliminating the requirement for voice communication over radio
  • High visibility of consignment status and location
  • Advanced filtering for quick viewing
  • Individual operators self customization display
  • Point-to-point Dispatching (click here to see video)
  • Hub and spoke full manifesting
  • Bulk splits for contracting
  • Centralized dispatch
  • Full track-and-trace with detailed tracking entries created for every move via consignment and manifest.
  • Ability to create Quotations and turn into jobs
  • Mapping view of your vehicles, and the freight that’s on them (click here for video)
  • A 2 B consignments or a manifest of consignments or multiple manifests can be dispatched to a smart phone or tablet for paperless run sheets in order of pickup or delivery scheduled uplift and offload times.


PhoneSmThe iCOS LIVE GO mobile Android App offers GPS navigation amongst other smart features.

iCOS LIVE GO 2 mobile for real time track and trace and job data allocated to the smart phone or tablet device so that your drivers can action Acceptance, Uplift, Offload.

Along with Signee name and Signature capture, updating status movements in real time for transparency and visibility to both the dispatcher and your customers all online.

Optional features:

Electronic Proof of Delivery for uplift and delivery confirmation

Barcoding options available

Billing your work

iCOS LIVE is fully integrated with Xero online accounting or ask about intergrating with your accounting package

(Click here for video)


Falling Domino Pieces Arranged in a LineLIVE LINK allows iCOS LIVE customers to send jobs instantly and directly to one another, with updates domino-ing back in real-time.

This technology can be used as many times as required between companies creating a ‘chain’ of links – allowing companies to work extremely closely together whilst still maintaining the separation of each companies private data.

Agents Link

iCOS LIVE Agent Link [313x75]Agent link uses LIVE LINK technology to enable two separate companies to work extremely closely together in real-time, whilst still maintaining separation of the kinds of data you would not want to share

Affordable, scalable pricingCoins-Transparent

  • Low monthly fee based on your number of trucks
  • No user charges
  • Unlimited customer accounts at no additional cost
  • Available via the internet 24/7
  • Free automatic upgrades
  • No internal IT department required
  • Hosted and managed for maximum reliability and disaster recovery